The author

Alessandra Patanè (a.k.a. Alyah), is born in Sicily (Italy) and she has lived in any other place but that. She’s currently living in Berlin.
She has always been dreaming of becoming a comic artist and now she actually is… or rather, she tries to be one and sometimes she’s so convinced that there’s to be worried about.

After performing all kind of jobs, from the ones most related to her career – like graphic designer, illustrator and colorist – to the ones most necessary to earn the money for the rent – like waitress, call center worker and cleaning lady – she jumps into the risky adventure of making a comic book, blowing the dust from some scripts closed in her drawer.
So she publishes on the italian social networks her first webcomic Greedy Flower and the impact on the public is so strong that one of them, Lucio Staiano, editor of Shockdom (an italian publishing house), is so shocked that decides to print and sell it.

It’s a horror-gothic adventure story that tells about a little zombie hungry for souls that wanders through a declining world, searching for the last remained resources to deliver to his master. Alyah plans to develop this story in 7 volumes.

There’s a very important fact about Alyah: she loves laughing, talking and eating: often all of these actions can occur at the same time.
After all, what would you expect from an author that had written all of this in third person, trying to resemble a solemn biography?